Saturday, March 10, 2007

Exercise – Do I have to?

I have lost 21 pounds in seven weeks. Like most people I lost more weight at the start of my diet. This past week I had my lowest weekly weight loss of only 1 pound. To this point I have not added exercise into my weight loss tool box yet. That will need to change now.

When I successfully lost weight in the past I walked regularly from the start. Walking is my preferred method of exercise. I’m not big on going to the gym but I have in the past. The trouble with the gym is it seems to really eat into the amount of time I have available for the day. Walking allows me to be able to just get up and walk any time, any place.

You may enjoy the whole gym experience. The biggest advantage the gym offers is the variety of activities you can participate in. Most facilities have every kind of cardio device imaginable to add to the old stand by of weights. Many gyms offer group training classes revolving around a myriad of exercise mechanisms. When I was going to the gym my favorite activity was spinning. For those of you not familiar with spinning it is a special stationary bike with adjustable settings to simulate different conditions. Spin classes revolve around music with your trainer instructing you as you pedal. Its not for everybody as it is a pretty intense workout.

This weekend the new daylight savings time takes effect. Now I won’t have anymore excuses to not walk around the neighborhood after work. Now that I have had that initial surge of weight loss I have to get moving.

Whether you are a walker like me or an adrenaline junky pushing yourself to new limits you’ve just got to get moving. Experts will tell you it’s about diet and exercise if you want to see healthy long term results.