Saturday, March 7, 2009


Week 8 Weigh In

I am once again late posting my weekly weigh in. I have been really busy lately with life in general. But, I am still trying to watch what I eat and continue to make lifestyle changes to my eating habits.

When I stepped on the scales this time I was really pleased to see a two pound loss. That brings my total weight loss to eighteen pounds in eight weeks. Thats just over two pounds per week so I am quite happy with the progress. Its nice to see some real results that mean something and this week I had one of those moments.

I looked over at the section of my closet where the clothes I had 'outgrown' were and decided to try on some to see if I was getting close to being able to wear them again. I was elated to find two pairs of pants I could wear comfortably and a shirt. I didn't try them all on so I may have some others I could wear too. That felt really good especially since the pants I have been wearing to work of late have been really tough to keep from falling down to my ankles.

Hopefully, for those that are following along with your own journeys, you are having success also.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Hostess 100 Calorie Strawberry Cakes

Hostess has a new flavor of 100 calorie snack packs and it is wonderful. The new flavor is Strawberry. That brings to six the number of flavors from Hostess. The other new flavor is the old Hostess standby the Twinkie. The other flavors are chocolate, carrot cake, cinnamon coffee cake and banana muffin.

Each pack contains three small cakes with cream filling and cream cheese icing. I love just about anything cream cheese and these things are great too. The only reason you wouldn't like these would be if you didn't like strawberry cake.

These are one of my favorite 1 Point Snacks.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Week 7 Weigh In

This week was a bit more of a struggle to maintain the plan. Well, to be honest I didn't follow the plan very well at all. I had two nights where I ate high calorie high fat meals and I only actually counted points one whole day for the week. I still watched what I ate and made mental notes of point values but I did not write them down and make sure I did not exceed my limit.

With that said I did have some successes as I continued to decline the office donuts and breakfast sandwiches that seem to show up all the time. I also resisted the urge to eat the birthday cheesecake I was offered. That one was tough, I love cheesecake.

When I stepped on the scales I was expecting to see a gain but much to my surprise I had a one pound loss. That was a real boost to my attitude. What I took away from the weigh in was that even though I had a couple of bad dinners and didn't count everything that went in my mouth I still had some success. One of my long term goals is to change my eating habits to the point that most everything I eat is a better choice than I use to make. An example is that I probably ate high calorie high fat cheeseburgers two or three times a week for lunch. In their place now I eat low fat sandwiches, pasta or other foods much lower in calories and fat. I still crave the ultimate cheeseburger now and again but hopefully I can limit those cheeseburgers to once or twice a month instead of multiple times a week.

For the seven weeks I have been dieting I now have a total weight loss of 16 pounds. In my previous dieting experiences I have seen more weight loss in the first seven weeks but this time I am trying to change my eating habits for long term success. I am not focusing so much on losing the weight but more on making better choices that I can stick with for the rest of my life. Hopefully I will succeed this time.

If you are on a weight loss journey too I want to wish you success. Not luck, because this is one of the hardest things a person can attempt to do. Successful weight loss is a lot of work no matter what method you choose to use.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Healthy Choice Sweet Bourbon Steak

I love just about anything that says it is bourbon flavored. So, when I saw this Healthy Choice meal in the grocery freezer I had to give it a try. Healthy Choice describes it this way: our seasoned beef strips are seasoned with sweet bourbon sauce, crafted with with brown sugar, molasses, and Kentuckey bourbon whiskey. Oh Yeah!! Kentucky bourbon whiskey and brown sugar, yum yum.

Seriously though just how was this meal you may be wondering. It was surprising in two different areas. The first surprise was not a good surprise, the sauce had a wierd twang to it. It did not remind me of bourbon or brown sugar, I have no idea how to describe the taste. The good surprise was that the beef was really tender. Shockingly tender.

The meal comes with a peach crisp, probably my favorite Healthy Choice dessert and a serving of garlic mashed potatoes with a broccoli and carrot medley. I wonder if I got an out of date package. The potatoes in no way resembled garlic mashed potatoes. I swear they were just plain old mashed potatoes. The broccoli and carrot medley was adequate as usual.

I will give this one another try just to see if I did have an old one and the sauce is better and the garlic mashed potatoes have any garlic flavor to them.

Calories 330

Fat 7 Grams
Fiber 5 Grams
Weight Watchers Points 6

Monday, February 16, 2009


Weigh In for Weeks Five and Six

I was pretty busy last week and just never sat down to update my blog with last weeks weigh in. So, I am lumping it together with this weeks weigh in. This was one of the tougher weeks I have had since I began dieting again. I didn't count every point every day and I fought urges for high calorie, high fat foods all week. But, for the most part I was able to stay close to plan. A couple of nights I think I went over on points with a late night snack of pretzels one night and animal crackers on another.

When I stepped on the scales today it showed a loss of three pounds since my last post. That brings my total weight loss to 15 pounds in Six Weeks. Just over two pounds a week which is right about where I want to be.

If you are dieting too I wish you success on your journey.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Week 4 Weigh In

This past week I wasn't able to stay within my points everyday. On Saturday I was about five over but way short on my water and Super Sunday I didn't count points but at least what I ate was leaner than normal food. Monday was my wife's Birthday so we went out for dinner. I was half good and half bad. I had the Key West Chicken and Shrimp from Cheddars. So, grilled chicken and shrimp good, mashed potatoes and broccoli cheese casserole bad.

What did that mean to my moment on the scale this week......... I flatlined. No gain and no loss. That leaves me at a total weight loss so far of 12 pounds. I have to buckle back down this week and count those points and drink all my water. I know I reap what I sow when it comes to dieting. If I work hard and follow my plan I lose weight. If I ignore the plan and eat aimlessly I don't lose weight.

Here to a better week and I wish success for those that are on the weight loss path with me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Smart Ones Traditional Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Yesterday we tried the Weight Watchers Smart Ones Traditional Lasagna with Meat Sauce. Some of the copy from the box describes it as five layers of decadence with tender lasagna pasta, rich ricotta cheese, meat sauce and mozzarella cheese. I would not use the word decadent but it was a satisfying meal.

This might be the best frozen lasagna that I have tried even considering it is produced for those of us trying to loose weight. Sometimes frozen meals that are prepared in the microwave end up with burnt edges, hard pasta, mushy ingredients but this one came out very nice. If you had of taken it out of the tray and placed it on a plate you could have passed it off as if you made it yourself. I have had better home cooked lasagna but I was freezer to comfy chair with my remote in just over ten minutes.

This one gets a big thumbs up from me and I know just what I want to use my Smart Ones coupons on now. Here are the stats for my fellow point watchers, 300 Calories, 6 Grams of Fat, 6 Grams of Fiber and only 6 Points. By the way you can visit the Smart Ones site to get coupons for some great savings coupons.