Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plan Ahead for Success

The last couple of days have been a little tougher than usual. I guess the disappointment of not losing at least one pound has contributed to the harder time I have had. But, I have to keep my eye on the big picture. The good news about the fact that I did not lose any weight last week is that I did not gain any either.

Yesterday at work things were a little wild and crazy. The day started with a two hour meeting followed by an unexpected event. We are building a new facility for one of our stores and we are getting close to move in day. On my way back from the meeting I received a call from our T-1 vendor that they were on site and ready to install. As I hung up the phone it dawned on me that the electricians still haven't brought the power up in the mechanical room. I didn't want to delay the circuit install so we have the UPS running on an extension cord till Monday when the power will be up.

By this time it is after my normal lunch hour and I am hungry and having that nagging feeling that I have an excuse to just eat what ever since I am behind schedule now. Here is where it is important to have an idea of the restaurants close to the office where you can eat quick and stay on your program. I would be passing a Wendys on my way to the other store. I know that the chili there fits into my program for lunch. When I get there they are backed up out to the street. Great, I can't even turn in off the highway to get in line. There is a Subway five minutes away so I make my way there.

Because, I knew where I could eat and what to eat I was able to stay on the plan yesterday. I recommend if you don't already know what options you have close to your work that you find out. It is very easy to make the wrong food choice in a rush. By knowing what and where your best options are you can choose wisely.

A little planning can help you stay on your diet even when your schedule falls apart.