Wednesday, March 7, 2007

You Have to Start Somewhere

I have started on this quest to loose weight once again. Actually I am in week 7. So far it has been a successful trip. I have lost 21 lbs. in the first seven weeks. I am going to be sharing with you my journey as I continue to work toward a lighter, healthier lifestyle. I will be sharing my opinions on food choices and writing reviews of the menu choices as I try them out.

For a little background on me I have always been on the heavy side. From grade school to high school and beyond I was always one of the “big guys”. I played sports growing up and into a large portion of my adult life. But, I really loved to eat good food. Within the past year I had really gained a lot of weight and it was getting harder to do simple things like breathing. I finally decided to get serious about my weight again. I have dieted successfully in the past. My first diet success came with the First Place weight loss program. It was a group program with a biblical element that mirrored the Weight Watchers point system. I lost 55 lbs. and kept it off for about two years.

After I gained the weight back I made a couple of runs to loose that weight again but it never lasted very long. Here I am again dieting but this time I am adding the blog angle to the program. Hopefully by sharing my story with the world it will help me maintain my weight loss. One of the things I like about dieting is talking to others about food that can help you loose weight.

Well, you may be asking what diet am I on. I am following the Weight Watchers program as a guide. I have never been to a meeting before, but I have been successful with the program on my own. My wife has done the program before with the meetings and the literature. If she hadn’t done that I don’t think I would be having the results that I have.

I am looking forward to this journey with you. Feel free to comment or ask questions. A blog is more useful when there are two way communications.


Amy said...

Hi Joey, good luck with your weight loss and your blog! I did Weight Watchers as well a few years ago and lost a bunch of weight without going to a single meeting (I did it online), so it definitely can be done! Check out the message boards at if you haven't yet, they are free and a good source for recipes, tips, and support.

Joey said...

Thanks for the info Amy. I have been to before but I haven't read the message boards. I'll put that on my to do list.