Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Week 16 Status Update – First Goal Reached

Today I reached that first goal I had set for myself. When I stepped on the scales this morning I discovered that I had lost another pound. That brings my total weight loss for 16 weeks to 35 lbs. If you have read some of my previous posts then you know what that means…… Double Dave’s Pizza!

I didn’t feel real good going into the weigh in. My work schedule for the first part of the week did not go according to plan. Because of that I did not take my lunch at all. On Monday and Tuesday I ate like I was not on a diet. I went with friends to an old family restaurant and enjoyed home style cooking. You know the kind. When people prepared and cooked food because it tasted good and before they worried about carbs, fat or calories.

I did drink a lot of water in an effort to keep flushing my system. On Monday evening I mowed the lawn, so maybe that helped too. Now that I am at my first goal we will be dining on some awesome pizza, pepperoni rolls and strombolis in a few days.

In the meantime today was a good day. I stuck with my normal 4 point breakfast of muffins and a banana. For lunch it was $5 Turkey Sub day at Subway. For dinner I ate two sandwiches and some non fat Pringles. For dessert tonight I had a 100 calorie Hostess cupcake pack.

I haven’t set a goal to shoot for now that I have hit the 35 lb mark. Maybe I will come up with something in the next few days.


Andrea said...

We all have non-program days... but it looks like you came through just fine. Great job!

Joey said...

Thanks Andrea. Every day is a new day.