Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Video Games for Exercise ???

This past weekend my daughter was home and brought with her the Nintendo Wii she got for her birthday. The Wii is not your ordinary video game for the couch potato. I was surprised to learn that the Wii can be a good source of exercise.

The Nintendo Wii is not a game console where you get to exercise your fingers; it is a chance to work out your whole body while playing a game. After playing for just a short time I realized that I was sweating and both my heart rate and respiration were up. This game gets you involved physically in what you see on your television screen.

I also discovered that some games were able to isolate muscles and simulate movements you would find in the gym. For example, bowling is a great game for lunges. You actually make the same motion as you would bowling in real life. Boxing works your arms and you get some leg work out as you bob and weave to avoid the punches of your opponent. Tennis works your arms and you can move side to side as you direct the action on the screen.

If you are having trouble getting active as I am the Nintendo Wii just may be a great tool to get you up on your feet and moving around.