Monday, June 11, 2007

A Little Exercise Couldn’t Hurt

I have had a much easier time staying away from the Pizza buffet than getting some exercise. But last night was a little different. My wife, daughter and our puppy Bruiser took a little walk last night. Bruiser couldn’t make but a couple of laps so after we dropped him back off at the house for the air conditioning I kept going.

I’m not sure how far I walked but I intentionally walked up hills at times and really got my heart rate going. I know I need to do this on a regular basis but there are tons of other things I want to do also. We have been taking Bruiser to puppy school at Petsmart for the last few weeks and the trainer suggested that we take him for walks in the morning and evening. Maybe I can use that to motivate myself into walking on a regular basis.

The weight that I have lost so far has been without an exercise program. In the past when I have done Weight Watchers I have either walked a lot or played full court basketball three days a week. I really feel that the rate I am dropping the pounds has been slowed because of my lack of exercise. I firmly believe that no matter how well you stick to the calorie count there comes a time when you hit the proverbial wall and need to do some cardio.

What do you do for exercise? From reading some of your blogs several of my readers are very active.
Good luck and continued success.


Spidey said...

Cardio, exercise, walking, and lifting weights will all help you beyond just losing weight. It will improve your self-esteem too.

Joey said...

You are right Spidey. Thanks for the input.