Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lean Cuisine Three Bean Chili

The Specs 270 Calories 7 Grams of Fat 8 Grams of Fiber

Points 5

Described as a three bean chili with rice, peppers, fire roasted tomatoes and
corn this entrĂ©e from Lean Cuisine is the next contestant in What’ For Lunch!

When I think of cooking a frozen entree in a microwave, I am expecting a very quick meal. This one took all of six minutes. That is not a long time but based on the size of the meal it surprised me that it actually took six minutes to cook and I probably could have left it going for another 35-45 seconds without over cooking.

Enough of that, the meal was very good. However, I did not look much like the picture on the box. That is quite often the case on many meals but this one didn’t come close. First of all I think they forgot to put the rice in my particular box. Strangely rice was listed first in the ingredients. Also, the chili was soupy which is fine it just didn’t look like it would be based on the photo from the box. Aside from those two things the meal was very good. I would rather have Wendy’s chili but this is a good one if you are eating in.


S William said...

With rice and corn, I am amazed that the calorie count is so low.

Joey said...

Maybe thats why I couldn't find much rice in the dish. They were trying to maintain the calorie count. Plus it was probably only about a cup of chili.