Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Week 24 Status Update

Today is a great day to weigh in because I will be grilling ribs and hamburgers for lunch today. The three of us are off today for the July 4th holiday. I know I have readers all across the world but let me say to my fellow Americans, Happy Fourth of July! For those of you that have family or friends serving in the military I wish your loved one safety and I want to thank them for their service.

I was really expecting bad news as I weighed in this morning but I ended up being shocked in a good way. This past week I went over on points a little here and there and I missed a couple of days walking due to the rain that seems like it will never end. I stepped onto the scales and thought oops it must be off balance. I checked to make sure it was balanced and I got on again, it read the same. I stepped off once more and then back on making sure I was in the middle of the scale and it still read the same. I had lost 3 Pounds! Finally I was off that one pound at a time mode. Not that one pound at a time is bad I just wanted a little more once in a while.

That surprising three pound loss brings my 24 week weight loss total to 43 pounds. (Insert happy dance here.) Now, after today I just have to make sure I really stick to the plan so I don’t see a gain next week. I am doing really well getting my water in and hopefully I can get some walking in between the rain storms.


Spidey said...

Wow, congratulations! You may be the Weekly Weight Loss Winner for Week 9!

Joey said...

Thanks Spidey.

S William said...

Great job and have fun on the 4th.

Joey said...

Thank you william. I did enjoy the fourth even though it rained all day.