Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting the Momentum Back

The last few days have been a bit of a struggle. I haven’t blown my diet but I have been fudging the Weight Watchers point system some. As I have had some success in dropping pounds and inches I tend to get a little lazy with my diet. I start out the day knowing that I have had three to four points for breakfast. For lunch I normally take it and that controls the point total for my day at work. However, when I get home I have been neglecting to write down the points so by the end of the night I am over.

Now, I’m not over because I am eating cake and cookies, I’m not even having fried foods and pizza. I’m just eating more of the foods that help me stay on the program. Whether it is two extra 100 Calorie Snacks or more pretzels or chicken it all adds up. So, my challenge for this week is to count those points and to not go over.

Today was a good day. I had my normal breakfast followed by lunch at Subway. I had to travel to one of our stores that is 80 miles away and I did not get a snack on the road. For dinner I made my sandwiches with some beans and then had a snack bar for dessert. The total for the day was two points under my limit.

Tomorrow will be a tough day. We are migrating our computer systems at work tomorrow night so it will be a very long day. Still, I must count those points and not go over. I am three pounds away from my next mini goal and I would like to get there next week.


Rick said...

I'm with you, Joey. My own temptation is not necessarily to eat foods that I don't account for, but to actually "under-account" for them. If 5 ounces looks like 3, hey, we'll call it 3.

One thing I've found is that accountability goes a long ways when you're trying to lose some weight. I started a blog called just for guys like us who are struggling with it. If you're interested, come check us out and consider joining. Not selling anything, just trying to provide a place for like-minded souls out there.

Good luck on Weight Watchers, sounds like you've already had some success. Keep building on it.

Joey said...

Thanks for stopping by Rick. I too have been known to undercount something. Especially meat when I am grilling.

Andrea In Blue said...

Oh boy... been there, done that! I know that slippery slope. But it sounds like you're getting yourself back on track. WTG!

Joey said...

Thanks for the support Andrea. Its easier to stay on program when I know people are watching.