Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Week 15 Status Update

Wow!!! What a great surprise this morning. I really felt like this week would have shown no change in my weight but, when I stepped onto the scales……… Two Pounds were missing!!

That’s the kind of news that brings a smile to your face. For the fifteen weeks that I have been dieting my total weight loss is 34 pounds. Now, I just need to stay focused on not exceeding my points for each day. If I can sprinkle some exercise in there somewhere that would certainly help also.

So, for this week I want to continue to get plenty of water in. I can’t stress enough how important drinking plenty of water is. I also really need to get started with some exercise. I would be much farther along if I could get some kind of aerobic exercise in. I have found some new menu items that are very easy to prepare and very satisfying, I’ll share more on that later.

Well, I am now One pound away from my mini goal of 35 lbs. If I make that goal next week then the folks at Double Dave’s Pizza will be having to put up with me again a few days after that.