Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Week 14 Status Update

Drum roll please………. This weeks weigh in yields a ONE pound loss. Well, not what I had hoped for but it is probably what I earned. This week was okay, but I could have done much better.

I did not eat a lot of bad foods but I did push my points to the limit. There were a couple of days where I did not get much water in. Water intake is very important. I was reading Andrea’s blog today and it reminded me how important it is to keep up with what you eat. By the way, she has two great blogs you should check out if your haven’t already.

The last several weeks I have not written down what I had eaten instead, just keeping up with it in my head. Its pretty easy to keep up with it through lunch but sometimes when I am filling my plate I forget to count something. I am going to try to do better at writing it down.

As for the exercise front I went walking one day this week. Man, if I could just get that going it would really help.

To recap I have lost 32 pounds in 14 weeks by trying to follow the Weight Watchers program. If you are dieting with me, keep at. You can lose weight too.


Andrea said...

Great job on the loss!

(And thanks for the shout out...)

:-) Andrea

Joey said...

Thanks for stopping by Andrea. I was wanting to eat pop tarts before I saw your comment. I'll have fake eggs instead. Thanks again.