Thursday, April 5, 2007

Low Fat Tips Made Easy

Just a quick note on a couple of things you can do to help reduce the calories and fat in your meal planning. Tonight we changed our normal menu up a bit by replacing our customary chicken breast with fish. It was a nice mix up in our menu and fit in well with my diet.

Tonight I prepared one of my favorite vegetable dishes, baby carrots sautéed in fat free Italian dressing. But instead of the usual chicken I had thawed out some Tilapia filets. I placed them on foil in a baking dish and then poured some fat free Italian dressing over them baking them until the meat was flaky.

I wanted some bread to go with the meal so I made some cornbread from a prepared mix. One way to cut some calories and fat is to use skim or low fat milk instead of whole milk. Most prepared mixes also call for an egg. If you substitute Natural Eggs or Egg Beaters you can eliminate some more fat and calories. My teenage daughter likes corn bread but she was reluctant to try it with the “fake” eggs. When she finally gave it a chance she couldn’t really tell the difference.

To recap you can use fat free Italian dressing to give fish or chicken a snappy flavor while helping reduce fat. Whenever you can, substitute eggs for non fat Natural Eggs or Egg Beaters.

How do you use Italian dressing? Do you have some tips for reducing fat in your meals? Leave a comment and lets see what kind of things people are having success with.