Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Week 13 Status Update

This morning brought a pleasant surprise as I stepped onto the scales. I was fully expecting that I would have gained a pound or two since my last weigh in. Instead, I am holding steady at 31 pounds lost.

Beginning with the Easter holiday followed by a trip to Mexico I had exceeded my points just about every day. However, I did not go nuts eating I just ate what was available and what I wanted. Luckily the desserts in Mexico are less than appetizing. The only dessert I enjoyed was the fried ice cream one night after dinner. There were plenty of fresh fruits so I tried to eat a little more fruit than normal. The only meal that was really fat and calorie packed was breakfast. I ate omelets, bacon and pancakes most mornings. But all in all I think I did okay.

So, after returning home this past weekend I found it a little tougher to stay on the program than it had been before I left. It helped when I returned to work Monday and got back into my routine. I’ll keep plugging along as I try to get to that first mini goal of 35 pounds. My daughter will be glad when I make that goal; she is ready for some Double Dave’s Pizza.