Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can I Still Jog?

This evening I went for a walk with Bruiser to get some exercise for the both of us. He wasn’t in it for the long haul as he didn’t even make two laps. I brought him back to the house and took off again by myself.

Then I had this strange thought, one I have not had in a long time. I wondered if I could jog any at all. So, I decided to take off I made it about fifty yards before I had to stop for two reasons. One was that I couldn’t breathe and the second was my shorts were about to fall off. Since I have lost 39 pounds I still haven’t bought any new clothes. I walked the rest of the way down the street and turned around.

I had some breath back so I broke into a trot again, this time also making about fifty yards before my shorts nearly fell off. I decided to just walk the rest of the way before I put on any kind of show. Coming down the home stretch I decided to jog one more time. I pulled up my shorts pretty high and took off. This time I made it nearly a hundred yards before my lungs gave out.

Can I still jog? Well, right now only in small bursts. Thirty nine pounds ago it would have been totally out of the question. I’ll continue to walk mixing in some jogging along the way. Who knows, maybe I can even work back up to a spinning class.


Spidey said...

Jogging and running are over-rated. Walking at a brisk pace is a lot easier on your knees and just as good (according to what I have read). Sure, it would be nice to ru

Joey said...

You are right Spidey. It was still good to see I survived a short jogging experience.

With my knees it does make more sense to walk. But I will mix in a little jogging here and there just for my ego.

S William said...

The shorts falling off thing was happening to me last night. I have lost 28 pounds so far and my sweat pants are starting to slide down.

I started running every so slowly, trying to go a little farther each time. After a mere 3 weeks, my fat body is up to nearly 21 minutes.

Joey said...

That is great. How many minutes or how far would you like to work up to on jogging?