Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Week 22 Status Update

Going in to week twenty two I was hoping to hit the Forty pound mark as I am just two pounds away from that milestone. I didn’t hit the diet as hard this week. We had my daughters Majorette team mates and moms over on Saturday and I cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. Sunday evening my wife and daughter and I were watching movies and decided to order pizza for dinner, only the second time in 22 weeks I have had pizza. Boy was it good.

On to the results, this week I had another one pound loss bringing my twenty two week total to 39 pounds lost. Not the forty pound mark I was looking for but I am still happy with the loss. I walked five days last week and I was able to walk yesterday but I probably won’t get the chance to walk again till Friday. Today will be a bit of a struggle to stay on points. I have several meetings today and then we are leaving for the Texas Rangers and Chicago Cubs game tonight. Thirty guys on a road trip will have the junk food flying around.


Spidey said...

One pound is great considering you had cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and pizza. I usually will gain about five pounds in a week like that. Good work!

Joey said...

Thanks Spidey. That food may show up on the scales this coming weigh in.