Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smart Ones Spicy Szechuan Style Vegetables & Chicken

The Specs 240 Calories 5 Grams of Fat 4 Grams of Fiber

Points 4

This one is another one of those that as it is cooking in the microwave you begin to wonder what else you can find to eat. But I was pleasantly surprised when I did finally twirl my fork in the noodles. This meal was spicy as described and tasty. The Lo Mein pasta noodles were clumpy though. I had a big mesh of noodles that didn't want to separate. The chicken was almost non existent but the overall meal was very good. I am not a big water chestnut fan but I did not pick around these like I normally do.

I'll give this Weight Watchers Smart Ones meal a thumbs up.


Spidey said...

Do you really believe all that food only has 240 calories? I really find it hard to believe.

Joey said...

Well it is a pretty small meal.