Monday, June 4, 2007

Did Someone Say Cake?

This may be an oldie for some of you but it is definitely a goody. A while back a friend of ours shared this after one of her Weight Watchers meetings. It is really simple and quite good to boot.

The first time my wife made this for me I thought she was off her rocker. But it is really pretty good. First of all who doesn’t like cake? But, when you are on a diet, cake is one of the things we try to avoid. This quick and simple recipe just may help you put more cake back into your diet.

You only need two ingredients to make this cake. One is a diet soft drink and the other is a packaged cake mix. Even though the box will call for eggs, oil and water you just use the soft drink instead. I would check all of the labels of the cake mixes looking for the one with the lowest fat and calories. Depending on the cake mix you select will determine what kind of diet soft drink to use. For example if you pick a chocolate cake mix you can use Diet Coke. When making a white or yellow cake mix you need to use a Diet 7Up or Diet Sprite. When baking your normal sized cake from Betty Crocker, Pillsbury or Duncan Hines for examples you will use twelve ounces of soft drink to one box of cake mix. For me it’s hard sometimes to find 12 ounce cans of soft drinks so I have to buy a 20 ounce bottle and just measure 12 ounces. Bake the cake as per the instructions on the package and you are done.

Some of the tasty things you can do with this recipe are to get a white or vanilla cake mix and bake as cupcakes. Then you can add some low calorie whipped topping and the fruit of your choice and you have yourself a great dessert. I have heard suggestions like mixing low calorie Cool Whip with sugar free cocoa mix to make a cake icing but I haven’t tried that yet.

Let us know if you have tried this recipe and if you have come up with great ways to top it off.


Andrea said...

I've not tried this particular recipe yet... I'll have to give it a go.

There is another cake mix recipe that has made the rounds for years that is worth a try if you like angel food cake. You basically take an angel food cake mix and mix in 1 can of crushed pineapple with the juice. Bake per instructions on the box. A 2" x 2" piece is 2 points. I've also made this with sugar-free cherry pie filling, though I prefer the pineapple version.

Joey said...

That sounds pretty good too. Is that a small can or large can of crushed pineapples?

Spidey said...

Let's see photos of the finished product. That sounds way weird, but then I have never baked a cake, so I have no idea what it entails.

Joey said...

Your right Spidey, it sounded wierd to me at first. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the next one I bake.

Anne said...

I've made this cake, so yummy!

Judy said...

I have heard of this method time and time again, yet I haven't tried it myself. I have made a spice cake with canned pumpkin though, and it was pretty good. I've also heard of using Dr Pepper with chocolate cake.

Andrea said...

The pineapple angel food cake recipe is a 15 oz can of crushed pineapple with juice.

Joey said...

Thanks for the update on the pineapple Andrea.

Anne, thanks for stopping by. I am going to get some of those bagels you mentioned in your blog today.

Thanks for adding to the conversation Judy. I haven't tried the cake with Dr. Pepper yet. I wonder what drinks you could add to a Red Velvet cake mix?