Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Healthy Choice Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

The specs 220 Calories 3.5 Grams of Fat 5 Grams of Fiber

Weight Watchers Points 4

I almost didn’t pick this meal from Healthy Choice from the freezer case because of the combination of Spaghetti, with peas and carrots. As it turns out I’m glad I did. The spaghetti sauce was tangy and had just enough meat to give me the impression I was eating a hearty meal. The pasta was not clumpy which concerned me with the recommended 4 minute cooking time. Average, is the word choice for the peas and carrots, not bad but not great either.

As an added bonus this meal is only 4 points if you are on Weight Watchers. I like 4 point entrees as it allows me to add more stuff before and after the meal. Today I had a banana before lunch and after lunch I had a 100 calorie Hostess chocolate cake snack. If I get hungry later I have sugar free Jello pudding and a 100 calorie peanut butter cookie pack.