Friday, June 1, 2007

South Beach Diet Chicken Alfredo a la Roma

Breast strips and fettuccine pasta in Alfredo sauce and tomatoes with broccoli, red Bell Peppers and yellow carrots

The Specs 260 Calories 8 Grams Fat 8 Grams of Fiber

This was the first frozen South Beach Diet entree I have tried. I really like their refregerated wraps especially the Turkey and Ham. But this meal left a bit to be desired.

I prepared this meal according to the instructions on the package, if I were to have this one again I would reduce the cooking time by about 40 seconds. The vegetables were pretty good event though the peppers were soggy. The Alfredo sauce was the hightlight as it was creamy and tasty. The chicken chunks were good. HOwever, the pasta was on the tough side and clumpy. Like I mentioned earlier if I reduced the cooking time maybe it would be better next time.

I might give it another shot sometime just to see if reducing the cooking time keeps the pasta from being tough and sticking together. Let me know what you think if you have had this one before.


Spidey said...

Microwave foods are hard to do right. You literally have to stand there and pull it out after 3-4 minutes to see how close it is to being ready. I just stir it up and then stick it back in for 30 seconds at a time and keep checking until it is hot but not rubberized.

Joey said...

Yea, theres nothing worse than a 'rubberized' meal.

Thanks for joining the conversation.