Friday, June 8, 2007

Healthy Choice Sesame Chicken

White Meat Chicken with Vegetables & Rice in Sesame Sauce

The Specs 230 Calories 4.5 Grams Fat 5 Grams Fiber

Points 4

First off this is one of Healthy Choices Simple Selections frozen entrees. They named it Sesame Chicken but I didn’t really think the sauce could be called a sesame sauce. The sauce was fine but my taste buds were thinking it would be similar to the sesame sauce from one of the Chinese restaurants I used to eat at before I started dieting.

The chicken was very good and the rice had the right texture. As for the vegetables (mostly carrots and broccoli) they were just right. The directions called for a cooking time of 4 to 4 ½ minutes in the microwave. I settled on 4 and it was just right. I did enjoy this offering and will purchase it again. I also like the fact that the last two Healthy Choice entrees I tried you don’t have to pull back the film and stir halfway through the cooking time. I like to just cut a small slit, pop it in and wait for the time to be up.

So, if you like rice, broccoli and chicken I think you will like this one too.