Thursday, June 28, 2007

Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas Suiza

The Specs 310 Calories 8 Grams of Fat 3 Grams of Fiber

Points 6

"Southwest flavors come to life in this tasty dish of chicken enchiladas, accented with roasted green chiles, topped with sour cream sauce and served with zesty, Spanish rice. So delicious, so satisfying… and another little way you can be good today."

I have tried this offering from the Smart Ones line by Weight Watchers a long time ago and enjoyed it pretty well. The other day while browsing the frozen food section I decided to try it again.

The enchiladas were very good this time. I could actually taste the chicken and the spices were just right. There was a good amount of sauce to scoop up or mix with the rice. Speaking of the rice it came out in one large clump. This is where the extra sauce came in handy. I wonder if they could do refried beans with this one and make it better.

I shortened the cooking time almost thirty seconds which may have effected the rice but it made the sauce just the right consistency. I’ll keep this one on the shopping list because of the enchiladas.