Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Week 23 Status Update

This week I expected to stay even or see a small gain. There were two days last week that I was way over on points. I even ate a rather large portion of fried chicken tenders from Cheddars and too much of my daughter’s birthday cookie cake. But I did walk several days last week and that helped me.

So without further delay the scale showed that I had lost another pound. That brings me to the Forty pound marker. That felt really good to type. One of the other things that has been beneficial this week is I have increased my water consumption. I have never had trouble getting the minimum down but now I am nearly doubling that.

For all of you that are on this weight loss journey with me I encourage you to keep going. Just remember why you are dieting, for each of us that answer may be different but it is still what should motivate us.


Blonde Chick said...

WOW! 40 pounds is an awesome milestone! Good for you!

Anne said...

Yeah!! Congrats!!

Joey said...

Thank you both. It always helps when someone pats you on the back.

Spidey said...

Water consumption is very important, and I hate plain water. Even when I add those flavor things, like Ice Tea, I don't like water. I have stayed away from Pepsi, which is my favorite drink. I used to down 2 two-liter bottles every day. I was buying Pepsi in numerous bags every week. Loading the car with soda on every trip to the supermarket.

Joey said...

Hey Spidey,

I still drink a lot of Diet Coke but it is less than I used to. I also drank two 2-Liter bottles a day. Lately I have been drinking about a half liter.