Sunday, June 17, 2007

Quick and Easy Pineapple Angel Food Cake

I have been experimenting with different cake recipes to try to add a little more sweet and less fat to my diet. After the post I made about making cakes with diet soft drinks I received this idea from Andrea via comments. Thanks Andrea it was very good.

This one is just as easy as the
diet soft drink cake. All you need is a boxed Angel Food cake mix and a regular sized can of crushed pineapples. For my cake I found a Pillsbury cake mix and Dole crushed pineapples. The directions on the box called for water to be added to the mix. I replaced the water with the can of crushed pineapples. I used the entire can juice and all.

I baked it in a
Pampered Chef bundt stone according to the cooking directions on the box. It turned out just right. You can get creative with toppings or you can just slice it and eat it. I did not add anything to mine.

As for the implications for your diet, the good news it is a non fat food. But, it still came out to 3.5 points per slice with the cake cut into twelve pieces. I would have liked to have gotten the points down under three but it just didn’t make it. It is very good though and worth being added to my recipe box.


Andrea said...

Glad you liked the pineapple angel food cake recipe!

If you're on the lookout for low point desert recipes, I have another one for you. You might have seen it already, as it has been floating around for years. Don't know who to credit for this one, but it is a winner. Wonderful use for fresh strawberries and peaches while they're fresh and cheap at the Farmer's Market.

Strawberry Pie

2 c. water
1 pkg Sugar Free COOK-N-SERVE vanilla pudding
1 pkg Sugar Free strawberry jell-o
4 c. fresh Strawberries

Mix cold water and pudding mix. Bruing mix to boil, take off stove, add pkg. jell-o & stir up. Let Cool.

clean & slice the strawberries. Line 9" pie plate with strawberries. Pour jello/pudding mix over berries, being sure to coat all berries. Chill for at least an hour.

1/6 pie = 1 pt
(Andrea's note: points are listed as provided to me. I haven't recalced to check for accuracy.)

**Variations: This can also be made using a reduced fat graham cracker crust. Just don't forget to adjust the points. This is also good made with fresh peaches & sugar free peach jello. Additionally, I've made this with strawberries, bananas and blueberries as a breakfast tart.