Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Week 26 Status Update

For some reason today I looked up at the title of this post and wondered why I didn’t use the term ‘weigh in’? Maybe its because that term can bring a negative feeling for several reasons. One would be that I am in a position that I have to even think about weighing in. Two, it can bring either good news or bad news. Three it reminds me that I have to be accountable to make good changes in my life.

I guess I will stick with Status Update since that doesn’t remind me of any food issues in my life. Besides, I am used to giving status reports often at work.

I wish I had better news to report today but alas, the scales stayed the same again this week. That makes two weeks in a row without a loss. At least it is not bad news but I would have liked to have been down a pound or two before taking a few days off. I do plan on eating somewhere in between the new me and the old me. I plan on making mostly good choices while traveling but I will indulge myself with some food choices that have long been neglected.

Anyway, that leaves me at a total weight loss of 43 pounds now spread over 26 weeks. Wish me luck and we shall see how the scale spins next week.


S William said...

43 is wonderful. I hate using "weigh in" because I am trying so hard to turn my life arund and adopt habits instead of "dieting". Weigh-in feels like a diet.