Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Chicken Oriental

The Specs 230 Calories 2.5 Grams of Fat 2 Grams Fiber

Points 4

Smart Ones describes this meal as a juicy white meat chicken in a savory Oriental sauce with vegetables and rice. That describes it pretty well. I prepared this meal exactly per the instructions on the box. It came out just right as the rice was not in one big clump and the sauce had not begun to burn and stick to the container. This meal was good and I would not hesitate to select it again.

I like the big slices of carrots that were mixed in. The chicken had the taste and texture of actual chicken breast chunks. As I mentioned before the rice was not clumpy. Sometimes the rice just makes one big ball in frozen meals. Also, this meal gets a gold star from me because it is only 4 points and is hearty.


Spidey said...

What is the point of posting reviews if nobody sees them because you never visit anyone else's blog and you never give anyone else encouragement? I enjoy your reviews, but then I like doing reviews too. I bet more people would like to read them.

"the captain" said...
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Spidey said...

That sounded a lot ruder than what I intended.

Try visiting the blogs and leaving some comments. I am sure people will visit you back and then they will see what an interesting blog you have. I enjoy it, and I am sure others will too.

I hope that sounded more like what I intended!!