Thursday, August 16, 2007

Week 30 Status Update

It has been an even thirty weeks since I started this diet. I have seen many ups and downs along the way. I know I should have done better so far. I have had times where I stayed strictly on program and other times where I have tossed the program out the window. The good news is that I have not given up. It would be easy to give up and just go back to my old habits but I don’t want to live that way anymore.

This week at weigh in I was hoping for another one pound loss. But, it was not to be. I stayed even on the scales for the week. That leaves my weight loss total at Forty Pounds now for thirty weeks. I need to get back to a routine that involves exercise again. My exercise of choice is simply walking but for the last three weeks I have only been a few times.

My goal for this week is to walk at least four times before my next weigh in. It has been really hot around here lately but I need to just tough it out and hit the streets.


Fit Club Scott said...

You weight loss so far has been exactly what it should be to be healthy and sustainable. It's natural to slip a little while you are making permanent changes to your lifestyle. Don't beat yourself up over it.

What matters is not that you fall down, but whether or not you get up again. You've fallen a few times, but you've gotten up and continued in the right direction. Be proud of's MUCH more than most people can muster.

Andrea said...

I know it can be a little disheartening not to have a loss... but you're doing great! 40 lbs is awesome!

Charles said...

I find myself in the same fix as far as weightloss. Now, at over 60 weeks, I've lost only 27 pounds and it is because I have no exercise regimen. After watching the first two episodes of Fat March, I'm feeling more motivated to do that again. Keep it up, Joey. I'm gonna be watching your posts too.

Joey said...

Thank you for the encouragement guys. I have been following the progress of each of you on your blogs.

S William said...

Big kudos for sticking with it this long. All of us can say "I could have done better" but realistically, most of us don't stay with it as long as you have. great job!