Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 31 Status Update

I could just copy and paste last weeks update again right here. Things pretty much stayed the same for me this week. I am still struggling to stay on program everyday. I didn’t make my walking goal last week and I am already behind for this week. Until yesterday I had managed to maintain the program at work but struggled last weekend. My normal goal for breakfast is to have only three or four points for breakfast, but the last several days I have been having five to six. Lunch I have been fine but then I have not controlled portions in the evening correctly.

All that said brings me to the numbers from the dreaded scale. This week I stayed the same again although I felt heavier. So now for thirty-one weeks I have still lost Forty Pounds. That is still a positive thing but I am not happy about it.


Charles said...

The toughest part about losing is when we don't lose on the scale. As my WW leader mentioned just this week, many times we focus on the one means of determining our success, the scale, and tend to forget about the other signs of success (clothes fit better, we appear healthier, more energy, more smiles). We can often show a loss in inches when we don't see a loss in pounds. And any time we build muscle, we can appear to be plateauing when we are still losing fat, but gaining the muscle weight.

Just stick in there. Give it an extra push when you stumble. The signs of a real man are not when he falls, but when he gets back up again and again.

Fit Club Scott said...

Have you adjusted your WW points to accommodate your increased activity levels?

My wife was on weight watchers and I know that you get a few more points if you exercise consistently. If I remember correctly, each point is worth about 50 calories. I worked out her daily calorie needs and figured that the number of calories that she was allowed was really lower than I would have guessed considering the amount of exercise that she was doing. I think Weight Watchers is a little too calorie restrictive.

Also, remember that maintaining your weight is a victory as well. Things come up and life happens. Some weeks you will just hang on and others you may even slip a bit, but to reach your goal, you've got to keep on keeping on.

Keep your eye open for other progress markers. Maybe you didn't quite hit your point totals for the day, but try to eat really "healthy" foods. I know that you are down on yourself, but physically, don't you feel much better now that you've lost some weight? That's progress, too, just not something you can measure on the scale.

Joey said...

Thanks for the encouragement Charles and Scott.

It helps to know that there is a community out in the cyber world striving for their personal success and helping others along the way.