Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week 32 Status Update

Well if you have been reading my blog lately you have heard about my trials and tribulations of the last few weeks. I can say I have felt better the last two days about my whole situation. I am still struggling with the exercise part but I am staying within the white lines on the eating side.

As I stepped on the scales this week I fully expected to see a couple more pounds added on. But when the little dial settled in it sat squarely in the same place again. I thought maybe the scale is jacked up so I picked up my daughters textbook and weighed again. The scale moved a little farther around the dial so I know it is working.

After 32 weeks of dieting (some weeks less than others) I am still at a total weight loss of Forty Pounds. I am happy that I have not gained but I need to get the pounds dropping again. I know what I need to do; I just have to do it. Thanks again for all of your support and good luck to you on your plans.


Andrea said...

I had a leader back in the Midwest who always used to recommend *really* pushing the water and the veggies to help break a plateau. She said the max number of veggie servings recommended by WW was 10. She told me that she had broken a few plateaus by loading up her plate with green. (And yellow and red!)

Good luck!

Fit Club Scott said...

This might ring a little hollow because you're down on yourself, but great job on maintaining. Sometimes not gaining weight is a victory.

It's a myth that you'll just gain all the weight back in a week or two. When things aren't going like you want them to, you feel sluggish and it feels like you've gained 10 pounds, but it takes longer than that...your last few weigh-ins have shown that.

Just forget about the last few weeks and get going again. You'll get there.

Spidey said...

Forty pounds is better than nothing. Sometimes I get frustrated that I have not been losing weight this year, and I realize that at least I am not weighing 420 or 350 or 300. Be grateful for what you have accomplished!

Joey said...

Thanks for the tip Andrea.

You are right Scott, not gaining is a victory.

Spidey, thanks for reminded me of how far I have come.

SJPA said...

How are you doing now?