Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Chicken Margherita

This was the first one of the new Cafe Steamers from Healthy Choice that I have tried. I have liked most of the Margherita frozen dinners that are available
so I thought I would try this number for lunch one day.

First impressions - great packaging, the steaming tray is pretty
cool, it looks like real chicken breast strips, the tomatos are soggy

Overall this is a keeper. It had great flavor, the noodles were
tender but not squishy and the chicken was good. If the tomatos had not
been soggy it would have been a really great meal. I still recommend
it and I will be trying some of the other flavors too.

It turned some heads in the lunch room when I removed the steamer tray and poured the contents into the sauce. Some frozen dinners that have similar sauces will have some of the sauce scorch and stick to the packaging. That was not the case here.

Weight Watchers Points = 6 calories 300 grams fat 8 grams fiber 5


Twice the Man said...

i just got the steamer for cajun chicken and shrimp, liked it

Joey said...

I'll have to try that one.