Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 1 Weigh In

Boo Ya!!! Lets get right to the good part...... I lost SIX Pounds this week. I was feeling really good about this first weigh in but I was really only expecting about four pounds. That feels pretty good right about now. Today was a beast at work so this is a nice way to finish the day.

I know a one week weight loss does not a successful diet make, but it does feel good. I only had two really tough days this past week, but I was able to stay within my allowed points. I was able to get my water in everyday also. I truly believe that water is one of the keys to a successful diet.

Okay, its a new week so I have to stay focused on the prize. I have two glasses of water to get in tonight so I am just a bit behind schedule there. Even though it was a good day at work I didn't give in to the stress of the day and just grab a cheeseburger. Its little victories that help keep me going.