Friday, February 20, 2009

Healthy Choice Sweet Bourbon Steak

I love just about anything that says it is bourbon flavored. So, when I saw this Healthy Choice meal in the grocery freezer I had to give it a try. Healthy Choice describes it this way: our seasoned beef strips are seasoned with sweet bourbon sauce, crafted with with brown sugar, molasses, and Kentuckey bourbon whiskey. Oh Yeah!! Kentucky bourbon whiskey and brown sugar, yum yum.

Seriously though just how was this meal you may be wondering. It was surprising in two different areas. The first surprise was not a good surprise, the sauce had a wierd twang to it. It did not remind me of bourbon or brown sugar, I have no idea how to describe the taste. The good surprise was that the beef was really tender. Shockingly tender.

The meal comes with a peach crisp, probably my favorite Healthy Choice dessert and a serving of garlic mashed potatoes with a broccoli and carrot medley. I wonder if I got an out of date package. The potatoes in no way resembled garlic mashed potatoes. I swear they were just plain old mashed potatoes. The broccoli and carrot medley was adequate as usual.

I will give this one another try just to see if I did have an old one and the sauce is better and the garlic mashed potatoes have any garlic flavor to them.

Calories 330

Fat 7 Grams
Fiber 5 Grams
Weight Watchers Points 6